Salt Live

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Salt Live is a series of events during which Londoners from all walks of life come together and engage face-to-face on matters of faith and philosophy.

Do come along for a short talk and open discussion — it’s good fun and we’d love to hear what you have to say, whatever your perspective. Subscribe for updates on the next event, or keep an eye out on Facebook.

Is Faith Irrational?

Wednesday 29th November, 2017

In a secular age, many regard faith as an irrational leap in the dark. Religion is increasingly seen as out of place in public life, and often exiled to the private domain. So, while many might think of themselves as ‘spiritual’ it is often viewed as eccentric to hold strong religious beliefs. But can we so easily dismiss religion?

Our speaker, Dr Tanya Walker, is the Dean of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, and an Apologist for RZIM (Zacharias Trust).  Having completed her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Christ Church, Oxford University, Tanya worked in various political roles before returning to postgraduate research.  She holds an MA in Near and Middle Eastern (Islamic) Studies, and a Political Science PhD.  Tanya speaks internationally addressing questions around faith, philosophy, and life.

When & where: 

Wednesday, 29th November at 7.30pm

Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre
108 Stamford Street
London, SE1 9NH


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Past Events

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16 November 2016: ‘Can you ever be sure about God?’

For our very first event, we explored the question of religious certainty in a pluralistic world. A short talk was followed by open discussion over drinks, nibbles, and live music at The Tommyfield pub in Kennington.

22 March 2017: ‘Proud & Prejudiced: Is Christianity intolerant?’

The second of our Salt Live events was concerned with the question of whether the Christian faith, with its seemingly outdated moral code, leads to a narrow or bigoted point-of-view.

18 October 2017: ‘Finding Happiness in Work’

For many across London, work has a defining place in our lives. At our third live event, we explored the questions around work and fulfilment, over wine, beer, and nibbles at Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre. discovering work that excite and fulfill us. But the reality often doesn't live up to our expectations – work can be mundane, lacking in purpose or simply just exhausting.