I can’t get no satisfaction

What does Christianity say to our search for contentment?

The desire for satisfaction is self-evident. It drives every decision we make. And yet, despite having more stuff, better opportunities and greater freedoms than previous generations, lasting contentment feels perpetually out of reach. Unadulterated pleasure-seeking doesn’t seem to deliver. We know that materialism doesn’t work either. We intuitively feel like there must be more to life. 

Do we need to return to ancient answers? Is our contemporary dissatisfaction because we’ve detached ourselves from traditional pathways to human flourishing? Could Christianity be the source of genuine meaning that we’re looking for? 

Join our speaker, writer and author, Simon Edwards, as he explores the reasons for our contemporary discontent and the elusive quest for fulfilment. 

Date: Tuesday 4th October, 2022
Time: 7.30pm
Location: London Nautical School
61 Stamford Street, SE1 9NA

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SaltLive is a series of free events for curious Londoners engaging with matters of faith, philosophy, & life. You can find out more here. Salt is a project of Grace London, a young church based in central London.

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