Have we broken sex? Rethinking the sexual revolution

In the 1960s, a new sexual epoch dawned. Against a background of restrictive social expectations, the sexual revolution promised sexual liberation and female empowerment. It ushered in the era of free love. But, has it delivered?

There’s mounting evidence that hypersexuality isn’t working for everyone. Hook-up culture and sexualised imagery have proliferated, leaving in their wake a litany of broken relationships and increasing loneliness.

It’s time to ask, was the sexual revolution a mistake? Have we missed the point of sex? What’s the place of love? Come and hear thinker, writer and pastor, Andrew Haslam, as he considers the pitfalls of the sexual revolution and what Christianity has to say to our sexually fractured age.

About this event

Date: Monday 6th February
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Price: Free!
Location: London Nautical School, 61 Stamford Street, SE1 9NA
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About Andrew Haslam

Andrew is a thinker, writer and pastor leading a young church in central London. He is married to Sie Yan, a doctor, and has four children. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running and whisky (not all at the same time!).

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