Why are Christians so weird about sex?

Christianity appears to promote an outdated and narrow-minded moral code, which limits personal autonomy and sexual expression. Is this characterisation true and does Christianity jar with progressive instincts about life?

For many secular Londoners, the Christian sexual ethic feels outdated and repressive. Christians seem to impose unnecessary restrictions on sexual activity and often appear judgemental and intolerant towards others, particularly in the context of sex and sexuality. For this reason, Christianity remains unthinkable for many Londoners. It runs against popular progressive instincts and the desire for personal autonomy.

Join us for a thought-provoking evening as we seek to understand why Christian beliefs seem to jar with modern attitudes and consider whether the characterisation of intolerance and repression is true.

Our speaker, Jeremy Moses, helps to lead Grace London, a church largely composed of young professionals and students based in central London. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University and has a professional background in business and consulting.

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