The Age of Self-Obsession: Is narcissism slowly destroying us?

The modern era has become the ‘age of the self’. It sounds compelling. But is this contemporary focus on ourselves part of the problem rather than the solution? 

#selfie. Our lives have been filled with images of ourselves. But, with it, we experience insecurity, self-criticism and the constant pressure to change our bodies. 

#self-love. We’ve been told that the first commandment is to ‘love thyself’. But, are we normalising selfishness and inadvertently creating a generation of narcissists? 

#self-esteem. We’ve been raised on a steady diet of praise and positive self-talk: ‘You are special’. ‘You can be anything you want to be’. But, these positivity mantras often feel empty and insubstantial. Do we need to look outside ourselves?

#self-care. We have overspent on cosmetics and wellness in the pursuit of peace. But is it just a marketing gimmick to get us to buy more stuff? 

It’s time to ask whether we have we lost ourselves in the mirror? Join us, for a thought-provoking evening, as our speaker, Jeremy Moses, explores what ancient Christian wisdom has to say about this modern focus on the self. 

Date: 6th February 2024
Time: 7.30pm

Price: Free
Location: London Nautical School
61 Stamford Street, SE1 9NA

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About our speaker:

Our speaker, Jeremy Moses, is a former start-up leader, leadership coach, pastor and speaker. He has experience counselling and coaching young professionals in London, and helps to lead a young church in central London. He is married to Jen and has three children.

SaltLive events are aimed at curious Londoners, exploring questions of faith, philosophy and life. Each evening includes a talk from an engaging speaker, plenty of drinks & nibbles, and time for Q&A. Some of the events are focused on common objections to the Christian faith, while others explore popular contemporary questions. Salt is a project of Grace London, a young church based in central London.

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