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I help lead a church (Grace London) based in the heart of central London. I meet a steady flow of secular Londoners who come along to our church looking to find out more about the Christian faith. For some, they’re simply curious about something that they’ve never encountered before. For others, it comes from a strong sense that there must be something more to life than career success, romantic relationships and hedonistic thrills.  Natasha recently voiced this idea to me. She’s from South Africa and is an accomplished young professional. She arrived in London in January 2018 to a new job and plenty of opportunity. Despite achieving her professional aspirations, she still felt like something was missing. You can see her story below. 

Natasha really benefited from coming on our Salt Course. It gave her the context to explore her spiritual questions and doubts. The course is intended to be an informal space for thoughtful Londoners to explore life’s big questions together. Each week, we’ll share a (free) meal together, listen to a short talk unpacking a different topic, and then have lots of time to discuss the topic in groups. These are the six topics:

  • Religion: Aren’t we better off without it?
  • Proof: Isn’t faith irrational?
  • Morality: Why do we even need God?
  • Satisfaction: How can I be happy?
  • Love: Where can I find it?
  • Hope: Is there a future for humanity?

These evenings are for people of all beliefs and backgrounds. You might be a secular Londoner who’s vaguely curious about spiritual questions. Or a Christian grappling with doubts and what you believe. We’ve had buddhists, atheists, agnostics, former Christians and everyone in between. Don’t worry if you can’t make all of them. Feel free to come to one or two sessions to try it out

The next one starts this Wednesday i.e. Wednesday 23 October 2019. It lasts for six consecutive Wednesdays, finishing on the 27th November.

When: 7.30pm – 9.15pm
Location: Costa Coffee, 55A The Cut, SE1 8LL (near Southwark / Waterloo stations)
Price: Like the best things in life, it’s free! And free dinner / drinks included!

You can find out more / sign-up here.

Jeremy Moses

Jeremy Moses
Jeremy is an Italian, Swiss, Indian, Iraqi, Jewish Londoner who has worked for multi-nationals and startups, and now helps lead a church.

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