Starting 12 February

Salt Course

A six-evening course for those who are curious to explore life's big questions in a non-judgemental context. Come and explore life’s big questions over a free meal. No pressure.

Who’s it for?

Anyone really. You may be a secular Londoner who is vaguely interested in spiritual questions and is looking to explore these further. Or you may be a Christian who is grappling with what you believe and looking for a space to explore your doubts. Or somewhere in between. We’ve had buddhists, atheists, agnostics, former Christians and everyone in between. All beliefs and backgrounds welcome!

Yorkabell's Story

Yorkabell grew up wanting to achieve and be successful in her career. After graduating from university, she ended up in a well-respected job, where she found most of her identity and worth. But the glory soon started to fade and she started wondering whether it would ever be enough. She started attending the Salt Course – and found it to be a place where she could openly voice her doubts and questions.

Natasha's story

Natasha arrived in London from South Africa in 2017 to a new job and plenty of opportunity. Despite achieving her professional aspirations, she still felt like something was missing. She went along to the Salt Course and found a place where she could explore her spiritual questions and doubts.

What’s involved?

A six-evening course for those who are curious to explore life's big questions in a non-judgemental context. Each week, we'll share a (free) meal together, listen to a short talk unpacking a different topic, and then we'll have a discussion about each topic in groups.

What are the topics?

We meet over six Wednesday evenings starting on the 12th February then on 19th, 26th (Feb), 4th, 11th & 18th March.

  • Religion: Aren’t we better off without it?
  • Proof: Isn’t faith irrational?
  • Morality: Why do we even need God?
  • Satisfaction: How can I be happy?
  • Love: Where can I find it?
  • Hope: Is there a future for humanity?

Where & when?

Starting 12 February 2020
Wednesdays, 7.30 pm
Location: Costa Coffee,
55A The Cut, SE1 8LL London
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 7810 433979‬

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Come along to one of our Salt Live events instead. SaltLive is a series of events during which Londoners from all walks of life come together and engage face-to-face on matters of faith and philosophy.

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